Article About Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Florida

Choosing the right drug and alcohol treatment facility in Florida is a paramount element in successful recovery. Many options are available, but these options must be in alignment with the individual’s needs and situation. A person seeking help must consider several factors before selecting a rehabilitation center. The following is a list of features and factors to review and examine during the selection process:

Substance Specialties

The best rehabilitation facility will have experience with people suffering from the same addiction as the help seeker. The individual can usually find this information on the facility’s main website. Most reputable rehab centers specify the substances for which they provide specialized care. An individual seeking care for an addiction to narcotic painkillers will want to choose a facility that notates previous success with clients addicted to those items.

Type of Care

There are two main types of rehabilitation care: outpatient and inpatient. The individual should first decide which method best suits his or her situation. An individual with a full time job or children to care for may prefer to receive outpatient care. An individual with a longer addiction period might benefit more from receiving inpatient care. Once the individual selects the best type of care, he or she can narrow the choices to facilities that provide such care.


Location plays an important role in choosing a Florida rehabilitation center. Help seekers should search for facilities within driving distance. Finding a nearby facility can save the person time and money. A close facility will also be easier for that person to get to if something happens to his or her vehicle.


The individual should conduct research before choosing a rehabilitation center. Statistics and client feedback are very important. Statistics will give the seeker an indication of what to expect as far as success rates. Client feedback will give the prospective customer an indication of the facility’s customer service quality and integrity.


Cost is a very important part of choosing care for addiction. A person with medical insurance will want to contact centers that will accept his or her policy. An individual without medical insurance may have to seek state funded facilities or apply for government coverage such as Medicaid. An individual performing self-pay should look for facilities that will provide payment plans and lower pricing.


Amenities are a good thing for a person to look for in a care facility. Things like television, luxury housing, fitness centers, meals, games and recreational activities are helpful during the recovery process. Finding suitable amenities requires the individual to speak with a representative at the facility. He or she may even want to schedule a tour to get a closer look at all it has to offer.

Aftercare and Treatment Style

Finally, the individual should research the style of care each facility gives. Some facilities offer new innovative styles of treatment. Some facilities mix therapy with physical rehabilitation. Aftercare is something that an efficient center will offer. People who receive care after release from a rehabilitation center are more likely to stay clean for extended periods.

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