He Needed a Pay Stub for a Car

I knew that I had to do something to help one of my workers out. He cuts my grass once to twice a week, and he also does odd jobs around the house. I pay him every Friday for whatever work he does, and this arrangement has always been okay with us. He was trying to buy a new car though and he had no proof of income, even though he makes an impressive amount from all the customers he has in the neighborhood. I told him I would go online to see if I could create a pay stub for him.

I did a quick search to see if it was possible, and I was happy to find a website so quickly where it was a piece of cake to make the pay stub for him. I had no idea that pay stubs were so valuable still in today’s times since so many people have went the digital route. Granted, he would have been able to print a copy of a digital pay stub. My neighbor hires him on occasion too, so I talked with her about the two of us combining what he makes from us for the entire month so he could have the pay stub to get the car he wants.

Even though we were bending the rules a bit, we were not going to not tell the truth on the actual pay stub. We tallied what we had both paid him over the last month, and it was easy to put in all the information from that point on. I had no problem doing this because he is a good guy, and I knew that he would just take on extra work if he could not make a payment. It was not that much to print out a copy of the pay stub to give to him, and that is what helped him to get his car.